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[DW's Note: We've placed this here for archival purposes… this is a first draft that was significantly improved in many subsequent rewrites. If this interests you, check out Divine Cosmos, where you can order a copy of the finished product!] Here we are in the twenty-first century with a world in upheaval — terrorists, anthrax, plagues, financial uncertainty and political unrest — a world not so different from the world that Edgar Cayce prophetically described many years ago, perhaps less an earthquake or two. Is it possible that Cayce has actually reincarnated and walks among us today? Edgar Cayce was born in 1877 and departed this plane in 1945. He left a legacy that has changed the lives of millions of people who are dedicated to spiritual awakening. We live our mortal lives in this physical universe with our miniscule conscious awareness, but Edgar Cayce all but proved to us that we live on after death. Anyone who has studied some of the hundreds of books written about Cayce and his readings can't help but give serious consideration to the perpetual existence of our essence and of our ultimate return, clothed in a new body somewhere down the road. And each time we reincarnate, once again the memory of all our previous lives is hidden from our waking consciousness as we enter into another round of earthbound experience. Cayce...

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Chapter 01: Setting the Stage

Each of us is involved in solving a great cosmic puzzle. Who are we? Why are we here? Why does God allow our world and our lives to be so topsy-turvy and unpredictable? Why is love so elusive? Why is there so much injustice? Why do innocent people die? Is a person eternal… and if so, where were we before we were born? Where do we go when we die? And why doesn't one remember? And if we do exist forever, why do we fear death? We go through our lives so occupied with our day-to-day routines and responsibilities that most of the time we don't pay attention to these deeper questions until something jolts us out of our unconsciousness, and we are forced to fit another piece into the puzzle. Pieces of the puzzle usually arrive in strange, unexpected ways. Something comes that makes us truly happy for a while; a new job, a new love, or a new child. We become needed by something in life, and that need creates a new value for ourselves, a new understanding. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Someone crosses our path who seems happier than most. They have a lingering smile that the sorrows of the world just won't wear off. Someone, like a Mother Teresa, lives an exemplary life different from the rest of us, and we...

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Chapter 02: Ra, Ra the Gang’s All Here

Most of us, in our waking consciousness, are limited to the input of information to our minds from our five senses: visual, auditory, taste, touch and smell. Many people base their lives on the principles of entertainment and escapism, continually seeking greater and greater fulfillment of these five basic sensations. Religions teach that there is something more, that life is eternal, and the physical world is but an illusion in which we learn lessons. They usually ask for us to accept on faith that there's a God, that there are angels, and that we shall experience an afterlife. Occasionally, someone presents themselves as having the gift to pierce the veil, wherein they are actually able to perceive events on the "other side", or demonstrate the ability to communicate with a consciousness that exists in that realm. Perhaps as recently as ten years ago, the general public would have been very skeptical of this kind of ability. "Channeled" information still needs to be subjected to the same scrutiny as any other information that comes towards us, if not greater scrutiny. We still must use our sense of discernment to determine its validity. I would tend to pay attention to this kind of information if it fulfilled the criteria for credibility as outlined in the previous chapter, i.e. accurate future predictions, knowledge of previously hidden information, and perhaps the most important...

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Chapter 03: The Story of Ra-Ta

The story of the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce is really involved with the solving of a mystery. Ra has been leaving a track of time-stamped clues throughout our history, and the uncovering of these clues is one of the things that helps to solve this mystery and to give credibility to the story. So, for the next clue, we need to understand the history of Ra-Ta as revealed in the spiritual framework of the Edgar Cayce Readings. I will also draw on the hypnotic past-life regression, performed by renowned author and researcher Jess Stearn, of a person who the Cayce Readings said had lived during the period of Ra-Ta. This information was presented in Stearn's 1993 book called "Intimates Forever". (Jess Stearn also wrote perhaps the single most popular book about Cayce, entitled "The Sleeping Prophet.) Before we discuss Ra-Ta, it will be important for certain readers to be assured that Cayce's readings did not put the Ra group nor his own previous incarnation as Ra-Ta at the "top of the pyramid" in the spiritual sense. In the last chapter we saw how Ra used the word "Logos" to describe the personality of our Galaxy as a conscious being. In the Cayce Readings, it is stated that the Logos decided to take on personal Earth incarnations from the very beginning of our third-density cycle of experience. [This could well...

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Chapter 04: The Egyptian Pyramids

Before I go into the Wilcock fulfillment of the Cayce prophecy, I felt it important to insert this chapter on the historical background of the Great Pyramid and Egyptian mythology, and to then evaluate how it interfaces with the information from Cayce and Rueckert, since the information presented is somewhat at odds with the traditional historical perspective of that period. To review, according to the combined information from the channelings of Rueckert and Cayce, Ra and Hermes built the pyramids by the "levitation of stone" 10,500 years ago. Historically, it is believed that the Great Pyramid was built in approximately 3000 BC, by the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu. The Association for Research and Enlightenment, or A.R.E, (the foundation established to perpetuate the Cayce body of data,) actually did a carbon-14 test on the pyramid to determine its age in an attempt to reconcile this discrepancy between the age as indicated by Cayce and the age according to conventional history. The result of this test seemed to validate the historical age, but as I researched this further I found an interesting article, posted June 21, 2001 on the BBC's Internet site, which I quote below: "A complete rewrite of the history of modern humans could be needed after a breakthrough in archaeological dating techniques. British and American scientists have found radio carbon dating, used to give a rough guide to the...

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