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7/9/98: Prophecy: NYC and Hall of Records

NYC & HALL OF RECORDS 7/9/98   I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped to publicize the warnings that my readings have provided. I have generated this subsequent response so that you all don‘t feel that you have been left groping in the dark in the wake of this. The longer such a darkness lasts, the more speculation and rumor-mongering will develop. Therefore, I will begin instituting a policy of immediate online disclosure of each and every pertinent reading as it comes in. Below you will find a reading that talks directly about the Hall of Records and the discoveries being made by Larry Hunter and Amargi Hillier. It essentially is saying that this is indeed the fulfillment of the prophecies. I apologize if I am not able to answer all Emails directly, as I have earned just enough money to take a few weeks off and dive into this writing full-time. I am currently preparing a detailed book of the entire story of how my life worked up to the present moment…. but okay, let‘s talk. Guys, I know how pat it sounds. I sent out this entire warning with no supporting documentation and no apparent published information to validate the claim. The NYC claim itself is extraordinarily serious, and if it does happen it will be a most catastrophic and grim way to validate...

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8/3/06: Reading: What About Those Wars in the Middle East?

Wilcock Reading, Thursday, August 03, 2006 – 3:15 AM   I am Ra. The smooth but colossal memories that come into your mind are the edifice of past objectives yet unfulfilled. And those times where the mighty and the minimal became One were great periods on the earth indeed. They shall be, once more. This is a ferocious time in terms of physical catalyst on the planet. Of this there is no doubt. The distinction we would like to make here is of how fundamentally important it is to not lose sight of the greater framework within which these...

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9/28/03: Reading: The Ascension (Is It Real?…)

THE ASCENSION: "Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?" By David Wilcock 9 / 26 / 03   [3/13/09: This client reading proved to be a great overview of our Ascension model, and was posted for that reason. We stopped doing all client readings in 2005, and thus they are no longer available.]   DAVID'S INTRODUCTION TO THE READING Ok, this is David Wilcock. (Specific personal client data omitted) This is a psychic reading. It's a process whereby I go into a deep state of trance and contact a higher form of my own self, which can speak from a perspective that's not bound by space and time. Our purpose for conducting this session today is to focus on some spiritual questions that are relatively common for seekers, which are specifically regarding one's purpose for being here, and how well that purpose is being fulfilled. We've had a discussion that centers on issues regarding sexual orientation and the choice of whether to be strictly heterosexual or whether to also accept a more androgynous leaning in the personality. The entity who we're speaking with has been through a very brutal marital situation, which was quite inordinately abusive. It seems to be a further iteration of his relationship with his father, in some measure, except that it now was transferred to the opposite sex. So as a result...

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